Configure SMTP/PHP Mail

How to Configure Contact Form with SMTP/PHP Mail

This tutorial will show you How to Configure your Contact Form Setting to allow SMTP/PHP Mail to send Email from Contact Form. While PHP Mail may allow your forms to be delivered to your mailbox, SMTP will prevent the messages from arriving in your spam box.

Select Contact Form Setting

PHP Mail function uses your localhost to send Email from Contact Form while SMTP Mail function uses a Server to send Email from your Contact Form. You can configure the Contact Form Settings at SitePad Dashboard > Settings > Contact Form.

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PHP Mail

  • PHP Mail is selected as a default option.
  • You will need to add the same Email-Id in To and From.
  • You can add enter the format in Subject if you need Dynamic Subject.
  • You can change Success/Fail Message.
  • You can add reCAPTCHA if you want to avoid spam from your Contact Form.

Configure contact form.png

Click on Save Button once you fill the Setting.

Note: If your host does not allow sending mail using local server then you will need to Configure SMTP Mail.


To Configure SMTP Mail you will need a Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account or you can use your Webmail account with all the SMTP settings provided by your Host in your control panel.

You will need to select the SMTP Mail from the drop-down list in Mailing Method.

  • Add SMTP Server (in-case you are using secure server port then please add ssl:// before the server domain i.e ssl://
  • Add SMTP Port
  • Add SMTP Username (i.e Email Id)
  • Add SMTP Password (i.e Email Id Password)
  • You can also configure settings same as mentioned above in PHP Mail i.e change Subject, change Success/Fail Message, Add reCAPTCHA to avoid spam.

Configure SMTP.png

Click on Save Button once you fill the Setting.

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