Manually Upgraded


The following guide will show you how to update the script version in Softaculous when you have manually upgraded your script.

  • This guide shows an example of WordPress installation installed 4.2 via Softaculous and manually Upgraded to 4.3
  • Even when the installation is Upgraded manually Softaculous shows an option to Upgrade it because the installation was upgraded manually and not using Softaculous.
  • Now just click on the Edit icon under Options section on the installation page.


  • This will take you to the Upgrade page where Softaculous checks the actual version of installation and if it does not match it will display a notice stating that "It seems you have manually upgraded the installation.".
  • Click on the notice and it will update the Softaculous records as per the installed version of the script.


  • Once this is done Softaculous will not show the upgrade icon and it will display the correct version.


  • Thats it. Your done!!
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