NextCloud Error 500

NextCloud has a few requirements before it can be installed correctly.

Start by making sure that the domain you are using has a SSL certificate installed, be it installed by you or through the Auto-SSL. You can check by logging into the cPanel from our Billing Plaform at and clicking the SSL/TLS Status button under the Security sub-heading.

If the domain does not have an SSL installed, you can press the Run AutoSSL button to secure the domain.

If you have already attempted to install NextCloud at this point, you will need to un-install it and re-install it using the https:// method.

NextCloud only runs using PHP 7.0 as of the time of this writing. You must switch the domain that you are using to use PHP 7.0 or a 500 Internal Server Error will occur. To set the PHP version follow these steps wile logged in to cPanel:
  1. Click the MultiPHP Manager under the Software Sub-Heading.
  2. Check the box next to the domain you wish to adjust.
  3. Select ea-php70 from the drop-down box in the right side.
  4. Click Apply.
The system will reboot your account into the proper PHP which may take 10 to 20 seconds.

Access the NextCloud Administrative Screen again and you should be presented with a proper login screen.
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