Setting your preferences

As a user, you can manage your personal settings.

To access your personal settings:

  1. Clicking on your username in the top, right corner of your Nextcloud instance.

    The Personal Settings Menu opens.

    screenshot of user menu at top-right of Nextcloud Web GUI

    Personal Settings Menu

  2. Choose Personal from the drop down menu.

    screenshot of user's Personal settings page


If you are an administrator, you can also manage users and administer the server. These links do not appear to a non-admin user.

The options listed in the Personal Settings Page depend on the applications that are enabled by the administrator. Some of the features you will see include the following.

  • Usage and available quota.
  • Manage your profile picture.
  • Full name. You can make this anything you want, as it is separate from your Nextcloud login name, which is unique and cannot be changed.
  • Email address.
  • Lists your Group memberships.
  • Manage your password.
  • Using two-factor authentication.
  • Setting your preferences.
  • Choose the language for your Nextcloud interface.
  • Links to desktop and mobile apps.
  • Manage your Activity stream and notifications.
  • Default folder to save new documents to.
  • Your Federated sharing ID.
  • Social sharing links.
  • Nextcloud version.
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