How do I create the domain for my White Label Cloud Storage?

When you order a White Label Cloud Storage, you will provide us with a location in which to create the installation on. This address would be associated with a domain name you already own. When the order is set up on our side, we will provide you an IP address in which to point towards. In your domain management, you would need to create an A Record with your sub-domain pointing towards the provided IP address.

If you are unsure how to create the A Record, contact the parties responsible for your domain name's DNS. Most commonly this will be your website hosting provider. If you do not have website hosting, you would contact your domain name provider instead.

When creating an A Record, it can take up to 48 hours for the internet to realize that the A Record exists. When our server has seen that your chosen A Record has been created successfully, the server will set up a free SSL Certificate. When you receive this confirmation of the SSL setup, you will be able to connect and login to your service on the provided A Record you created in the website browser of your choice.

We will install the NextCloud Software into your service and install the initial Username and Password within the first few moments of the order being paid. Typically this will be a support-based login that we would use to troubleshoot issues with your NextCloud installation. We will then create your First User account based on the username and password requested upon the order creation. 

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