How do I create new users in my White Label Cloud Storage?

While logged in as a user who has administrative privileges, click the letter icon on the top right section of the menu. This icon will represent the first letter of your username when you signed in.

  1. Click on the Users Link that will appear from clicking on the Letter Icon.
  2. Click on the New User Button in the left sidebar.
  3. Type the Username the new user is to sign in as. We would suggest FirstLast name combination, but random and cosmetic usernames are also permitted.
  4. Type in the DisplayName Section the name that this user will be known by on the system. This helps in file auditing.
  5. Type in the password the user will need to log in to the system. If you are having difficulties in creating a strong password, use a service such as
  6. Type in the user's e-mail address. This is important as they will receive password resets and notifications at this address.
  7. Type or Select the Groups this user is to have access to. If this user is to become an administrator of the system, select the "admin" group. Multiple Groups can be selected. By typing into this filed, you will create a new group and this user will be the first to have access to it. when you have finished typing, select on the provided box which appears with the Plus sign before the words you typed to select that group. Failure to perform this last step will result in the group not being created.
  8. If the user is to be an administrator of a specific group, select the group in the Group Admin for area. This user must also be part of the group they are to be the admin for.
  9. The system will automatically create a quota of 10 GB by default. This can be changed by typing a new value into the provided Quota box. Remember that you are unable to exceed the amount of disk space you are provided, so use this option sparingly. The system provides Unlimited, 1 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB as available options, but you are free to type what you wish in the box. For 500 GB, type "500 GB". For 1 TB, type 1000 GB.
  10. Click the Green Check (✔) button

Once this process has been completed, the user will be able to log in instantly.

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