How do I creating a staging area for my website?

In order to create a staging area for your website, you would need to make sure of the following:

  1. You have enough disk space to support a full copy of your website.
  2. You have at least one MySQL Database available.
  3. You have created either an add-on domain or a sub-domain to house your staging area
    1. For Add-on domain, see
    2. For Sub-Domain, see
  4. The AutoSSL has run and applied an SSL certificate to the add-on or sub-domain. If not, see

To create the staging area, log in to the cPanel and access the Softaculous area. Once you have reached this area, perform the following:

  1. Select the Software you have previously installed, that you would like to make a staging area of, from the Softaculous menu. For this example, we will select WordPress.
  2. In the Middle Section, under Current Installations, you will see the currently installed WordPress installations. There are a number of options to the right.
  3. Select the Create Staging Button  next to the installation you wish to create the staging area for.
  4. Choose your Add-on or Sub-Domain from the Choose Domain drop down box, created when following step three in the required items. Otherwise select the domain you wish to install the staging under.
  5. Leave the protocol as HTTPS, 
  6. Leave the In Directory section blank, unless you skipped step 3 in the required items above. If you did skip this step, type the directory you wish to put the files into.
  7. The system will provide a name for your Database. If you are not happy with the database name, you can change it without it effecting the staging site.
    1. Note: The staging area will use the same usernames and passwords as your live site. If you are using the staging area to rebuild your website after a user got hacked, it is suggested to update or change that user first or else the person that had access to your website will have access to your staging area.
  8. Click the Blue Create Staging Button and the system will clone the existing WordPress into the staging area. Once completed, you would be provided the access links for the staging website.

NOTE: When a Staging Site is created, the automatic updating system and backup operations are not enabled be default. In order to ensure the Staging Area is up to date, without intervention, follow the Enable Auto Upgrade for Existing Installations instructions from

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