What happens if I charge back through my credit card?

If you charge back through your credit card for any of our services, the following will immediately occur without notice:

  1. ALL your services will immediately enter a suspension service, even if the charge back did not occur on that service. If your service is with a Third-Party provider, such as the case with a dedicated server, your service will be immediately cancelled.
  2. You will be charged $75 per charge back performed, plus HST (13%). This invoice is expected to be completed within 48 hours, or termination of services will occur.

As charge backs cost us money, time and reputation with the credit card companies, YOU are EXPECTED to apologize for such actions in writing to both us and your credit card company.

Claiming that something is not recognized on your credit card when it is a service that you purchased IS FRAUD. We will report the incident to the local authorities for investigation and challenge the charge back through the bank using your IP address, the MaxMind Report received with your initial order, any tickets you may have completed, all invoices you attempted to pay for and more.


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