How do I change DNS information on a domain without hosting?

When a domain name is first registered, the system watches for the hosting package and automatically starts up the domain name with the correct settings to use our hosting services. In the cases where the hosting services were not purchased when a domain was registered, you may still want to control and point the domain name services without the need of a hosting plan. In order to do so, check the nameservers on the domain name and ensure they are set to and In order to check the nameservers, follow the steps outlined in the  How do I change my name servers? article. If the nameservers are anything other than and, any changes performed by the following will not take effect. If you do not know where your domain name is pointing and the nameservers are not pointed to or, then you can get in touch with us and we will find out where the DNS is controlled for your domain name.

Follow these steps if the nameservers are

  1. While logged in to your customer portal at, click the large Domains button. 
  2. Click the wrench icon to the right of the domain name you wish to adjust.
  3. From the left menu, click DNS Management.
  4. You will be presented with a table with a number of already existing records.
    1. Host Name: The portion before the domain name such as www. or mail. ( / to set the record. Note that a blank Hostname field is able to be done and indicate that there is no sub portion. In such cases, the record will fall on the domain directly (
    2. Record Type: This dropdown box allows you to select what type of record that you wish to have. A Records are typically IP addresses, CNames are usually Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN). TXT records are typically used to verify information, such as Google Authentication, Mail services authentication and more.
    3. Address: This is the location where you wish to point the record, be it the IP address, FQDN or text used for verification.
    4. Priority: This is the record used for MX (Mail Exchange) records only and sets the priority in which the email is sent to the email address. Priorities are used to get around issues with mail servers not working correctly. The lowest number is always tried first. If that server happens to be busy or not functioning, the next lowest number is checked and so on. In most typical setups, you would have one to five mail servers.
  5. Click Save Changes to commit your changes or additions.

Typically it can take up to 48 hours for the internet to realize that you have made these changes to the domain name. That Hosting Company is not responsible for the sending of this information nor has any control over the speed of the records being sent out.

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