File Restoration



To use this feature, your system administrator or hosting provider must enable account backups and ensure that the system retains backup files locally.

The File Restoration interface allows you to restore items from local backup files. This interface displays all of the files and directories in a backup file.


This interface only allows you to restore items from local backup files. The File Restoration interface only displays WHM-generated backup files. This interface does not display cPanel-user-created backup files.

Restore a file

To restore a file, perform the following steps:

  1. To view a directory's contents, click the desired directory's name.
  2. Click the file that you wish to restore. The interface will display all locally-available backup files of this file.
  3. Click Restore This Version for the desired backup of the file that you wish to restore. A confirmation message will appear.

  4. If the file that you want to restore already exists on your account, you must select the Overwrite existing file? checkbox in order to continue the restoration. Otherwise, click Cancel .

  5. Confirm the restoration of the file.
  6. Click Restore. A success message will appear.
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