What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting (or dedicated hosting) service is a type of Internet hosting where the user can rent a server from the hosting provider. This gives the user full control to manage their server for things like:

That Hosting Company’s Solution, we will:

What does a “Green Data Center” mean?

Operating a data center to run each of our 50,000+ dedicated server requires a lot of power to run as well as to cool the equipment. To address this issue, a green data center will minimize the power exerted through such operations. A large data center could lead to higher power densities, meaning higher costs for power. To mitigate this, YesUpHost uses infrastructure that is more power efficient. This recycled energy helps us create a self sustaining environment. Now, we have more control over our infrastructure.

Why we do it

The environment is a huge factor at That Hosting Company. We keep our business environmentally friendly because a healthy environment can bring us cleaner air, positive energy and hence, better dedicated server performance.

Real Estate Summary

40,000 Sq Ft Total Building Size = 35,000 Sq Ft Total Available Raised flooring


Security System

Our data center is equipped with a closed camera surveillance system. We use it to keep track of the data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The activity is recorded and archived in real time. Access to the data center is controlled by access card readers, biometric readers used to verify finger prints and a series of surveillance cameras. This protects our dedicated server equipment from unwanted visitors.


Ventilation & Temperature Control

Our data center has a full cooling system, powered by LIEBERT equipment. All cooling equipments are linked to separate compressors. This ensures a constant temperature and humidity level in the data center. Temperature is kept constant at all times so each dedicated server runs at maximum performance.

Data Center Layout & Raised Flooring

Dedicated Server: Setup so our technicians can access them easily and fix issues in a timely fashion. They are secured in their cabinets and accessed using keys.

Cabinets: Designed to have integrated cooling systems and secured access using keys. They are carefully spaced so each server remains at the ideal temperature level.

Raised Flooring Technology: Ensures uniform air circulation, efficiently cools the data center and allows for clean cable management.

Consistent Power Supply

Our data center is fully equipped with Dedicated Uninterruptible Power using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and Diesel Generators. The electrical system is first duplicated (A-side and B-side power supplies). If the power fails on one end, there will be an automatic switch over to the other end. This helps us achieve N+1 redundancy in the system. Therefore, in case of a power failure, the UPS and Diesel Generators will automatically and instantaneously kick in. Your dedicated server will virtually never stop running unless you say so!.

Electrical Overview

System Notice

All users have been removed from the cluster and are now on temporary servers. If you are having issues with Email, Please check your settings and make sure you are not using Aether.thathosting.company as your server address or in any of your links. You should always be using your domain name for server configuration or logins for webmail. To access webmail using your domain, simply enter your domain into your browser window and add /webmail at the end.

-> updated June 2,2022 @8:00AM EST.

You may note that the Login to cPanel and Login to Webmail links inside your services section will lead to a suspension page. This is normal as we have removed you from the affected server. The issue should be fixed once we move everyone back to the cluster. If you need immediate access, please submit a support ticket.

-> Update June 2, 2022 @11:00AM EST