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Why Was My Visa / Mastercard Declined?

Why Was My Visa / Mastercard Declined?

When your Visa / Mastercard is declined, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue on your own.

The first thing is to check the box at the bottom of the payment page that says “Tick here to NOT store your credit card details”. Try to run the transaction again. If it fails, there is more that can be done.

If you are using profiles in your system, make sure the profile is up to date and accurate based on the information your credit card company would have on record. Check to make sure your name, address phone number and e-mail address are all filled out. Failure to have any of these fields filled in will result in the gateway not receiving the information they need and a failure in your payment to occur. If your credit card payment still fails after performing the above, ensure that if your postal code has a space that you remove the space and try again. The opposite is also true that it may work with a space as well. It depends on how the credit card has set up the postal address.

If you are still having issues after attempting both of the above at the same time, contact our sales team by the phone number provided and we will manually perform the charge for your invoice over the phone.

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