The Tap an Expert Section was created to provide you with some of our Expert Network of Local Entrepreneurs who provide services that we might not. The following companies and individuals cover off our weaknesses and sell their strengths. While we do recommend the following businesses, we are not responsible for them and any agreement which you may partake in such services. We do not provide warranty for their work. The following business and persons are in no specific order.

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DeskPal empowers business owners to build their business without worrying about their website.
You get access to the world’s best website developers for maintenance, support & small tasks.

JC Humphries & Associates

We are communications professionals with more than 19 years’ experience and a proven track record.

As your writers, we become integrally involved in your organization to better understand your client and stakeholder needs. This helps us effectively write your:

  • funding proposals
  • funding reports
  • annual reports
  • marketing materials
  • website copy

Combine our services and save money

Our track record:

  • 80% success rate writing funding proposals we shape
  • Benchmark to reach targeted audience is 80%
  • 100% success rate for publicity initiatives
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Logical Mix



Logical Mix follows a thorough process based on experience and company values to create SEO success for their clients.

It’s not a secret. It takes hard work, the proper SEO tools and focussed execution.

Digital Marketing  SEO  Web Design  Web Video

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Web Video

Sue Sutcliffe

Determined to enhance the relationship-building aspects of the Internet, Sue delved into the world of code, website building, search engine optimization and apps long before anyone had even heard about Facebook or Twitter.

Sue Sutcliffe is the first choice for small business owners and sales teams who want to strategically increase digital sales and cash flow. Sue is passionate about the opportunities opened by digital marketing and stays focused on growing sales through e-commerce with:

  • Website Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Smart Digital Marketing Strategy
Sue Sutcliffe